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Baavet pure wool 800g (s) medium pillow


Baavet wool pillow


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Pure British wool pillow.

Naturally hypoallergenic. The wool's texture on a microscopic level resists the dust mites usually found in pillows. Asma, allergies and snoring are aided by the lack of the dust mites and dust mite feces, as we are no longer breathing this in at night. There are also no tiny particles from the filling breaking down inside the pillow. Even if we are not allergic to dust mites, our nose is designed to stop tiny particles entering the lung, so we produce mucus and become congested. A wool pillow helps alleviate this.

 Wool, a healthy natural chemical free alternative to feather, down, synthetic and memory foam. Temperature regulating. Like putting a baby on a fleece, the wool reacts to temperature and takes the heat through if you are hot and holds it against you if you are cold.

The wool inside your Baavet pillow is "beaded" to create a robust cushion supported by a natural net of fibers. 

Each pillow case is zipped so you get access to the wool inside. If the pillow is too firm - remove a handful of wool and adjust the depth to fit your shoulder. 

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