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About Us

Ikiru Arts Designer Home range is a celebration of the creative inspiration to be found in the natural world. Here you will find my solid silver and solid gold handmade Jewellery, British made pure wool Baavet bedding and designer home ware pieces. All collected into one place. I hope my things will come to you to enhance your home and your life. That is the point of my collections. 

All the jewellery designs created are original pieces hand made (by me!!!) in the UK to the highest quality standard.

The jewellery created by Ikiru Arts, and the home accessories that I sell, all adhere to the principle behind the name Ikiru which, when translated, means 'to live' or 'the art of living'. Here Ikiru Arts applies this idea of living simply, well and in harmony with the natural world, to semi-precious stone and silver jewellery, naturally hypoallergenic woolen pillows and duvets, and home ware pieces that enhance your home. All elements purchased for creating the handmade designer jewellery are sourced by Ikiru Arts ethically, in an attempt to ensure Ikiru Arts has a positive impact on the environment and local people.

Smaller family companies and cooperatives are utilized wherever possible to ensure the purchasing power of the company reaches the people who can benefit most from this trade. This often costs a little more to accomplish, but it is worth it, as it is the ethos behind Ikiru Arts handmade designer Jewellery.

 Of course value for money is also important and I am very happy to be able to say that Ikiru Arts does not cost the earth, in any sense of the phrase! :-)

I hope you enjoy your experience with Ikiru Arts whether you are simply browsing this site or purchasing and wearing the semi-precious jewellery I make / the products I have collected together on my site. All the very best, Caroline.

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